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The Association of Friends of the National Cancer-free Initiative, AFNCI: 20 years of community service

February 12, 2018 latest news

History is not counted in years but through achievements

This year, AFNCI celebrates the 20th anniversary of its foundation. Back in 1998 it was founded under the name of “the Association of Friends of the National Cancer Institute”, and through 20 fruitful years, the seeds its dedicated founders planted generated great projects that contributed to developing health care provided to, and enhancing the overall condition of cancer patients in Egypt and the Arab nation.

The biggest and most important projects that AFNCI implemented is the Children’s Cancer Hospital 57357, which became a milestone in children cancer treatment in the Middle East and North Africa, MENA. In addition to its great project of 57357, AFNCI implemented a number of projects in the National Cancer Institute, NCI, aiming to alleviate the suffering of its patients.

Over the past few years, AFNCI extended its activities to include community development projects all over Egypt, to achieve its vision of eliminating the cancer of poverty, ignorance and disease. To support its vision, AFNCI carried out restructuring for its board of directors to include a group of professors, doctors and experts in the fields of education, marketing and human development. In doing this, AFNCI aimed to achieve its mission of advancing Egypt and 57357 Group, through the establishment and support of strategic initiatives and sustainability projects to: improve the level of cancer cure, comprehensive health care, education and institutional philanthropy.

The association has been eager to carry out big projects in cooperation with the government such as:

  • Establishing clinical pharmacy in governmental hospitals, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health
  • Eliminating hepatitis viruses C and B, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and Long Live Egypt Fund
  • Providing school bags to the neediest governmental schools’ students, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Egypt’s governorates’ authorities
  • Developing the neediest villages in cooperation with the Ministries of population and irrigation and the governorates’ authorities
  • Developing the efficiency of governmental schools, training its teachers and improving the skills of its talented students, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education
  • Providing community awareness programs for cancer causes and prevention in order to reduce its incidence

The association is still pursuing its role in serving the society to be a successful example of civil society organizations and of collaborative work between NGO’s and the government.