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Upon completion of 90% of the drinking water treatment station in Abu Deyab East and West villages in collaboration with Association of Friends of the National Cancer-free Initiative, AFNCI: Major General Abdel Hamid Alhagan, governor of Qena, invites AFNCI to pursue the fruitful cooperation

April 3, 2019 latest news

In attendance of the president of the drinking and sewage water company, Major General Alhagan, welcomed a delegation from AFNCI who are visiting to explore cooperation channels between the governorate and the Association aiming to improve services provided to citizens. They also discussed the situation of Abu Deyab’s water treatment station that the Association is implementing in cooperation with the drinking and sewage water company in Qena.

It is noteworthy that the drinking water station is built on 1050 square meter with production capacity of 25 liter per second and will serve 150,000 people in Abu Deyab East and West villages and 22 small villages “Nagae”, for the cost of 20 million pounds. The station will solve the problem of weak and irregular water flow in these villages. Ninety percent of civil and electro-mechanical work of the station are completed where the station is connected to distribution networks. It is expected to start operation in the beginning of May which concur with the beginning of Ramadan, to fulfil people needs of clean water permanently.

The governor expressed his gratitude to the Association’s board of directors for the fruitful cooperation and invited them for further cooperation for the welfare of our people in Qena.