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January 25, 2014

The AFNCI Volunteer Department comprises around 60 to 70 regular volunteers. Volunteers work in different clinics in administrative tasks: in Surgery, internal medicine, Radiology. Some are caring for the children: you will find them in the libraries on the fifth and fourth floors and some also are involved with patient education for the children’s families.

AFNCI’s small volunteers’ office located at the first floor of NCI‘s functioning tower is a very busy workplace from 9am till 4pm daily except Friday. Sought by an average of 200 persons daily, people from all walks of life will find support, guidance and compassion at the hand of its 5 full time staff. Round the clock, they seek to help, comfort, find solutions and accompany patients and their families along their long and devastating treatment journey: from the facilitation of admission, the answering of queries, finding room at the guesthouse, overseeing the transportation of patients to and from EL Tagamoa El Awal ,to extending moral and compassionate support at all times

The AFNCI office is also responsible for the organization and coordination of all the visits by different groups or individuals and the distribution of gifts and toys to the children.

The AFNCI office organizes birthday parties and trips for the sick children to parks, entertainment parks, hotels, sea side, the circus, movies, and theatre. The office is also responsible for operation and maintenance of the elevators, security personnel, and administrative functions inside the different clinics. Moreover, the library and small theater set up by the AFNCI inside the NCI premises are under the supervision of the AFNCI office.

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