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The Association of Friends of the National Cancer-free Initiative, AFNCI, multiplies efforts to complete sewage water connections in Qalfaw and Nagea Alkhatib villages

September 24, 2017 latest news

The villagers are talking about their suffering from pollution and their happiness for having sewage water connections extended to their houses

A cooperation protocol was signed joining AFNCI, Suhag governorate, the drinking and sewage Water Company and Turous Misr Foundation for Development, aiming to offer a decent life to our people in Upper Egypt. As soon as the protocol was signed, work began with great intensity to extend drinking and sewage water connections to villagers’ houses in Suhag. In an interview with villagers in Qalfaw and Nagea Alkhatib villages, Suhag governorate, we listened to their complaints of not having sewage water connections in the homes, and their relief for the efforts exerted to offer them this service that is vital for eliminating pollution sources and protecting them from diseases. Thanks to God and to donors’ support, installing sewage water connections and elevation units will be completed in two weeks.

Haj Kamel Mohammed from Qalfaw, Suhag:

Haj Kamel is one of the villagers who witnessed the breakdown of the walls of his home because of sewage water and the spread out of bad smell as well as insects. I wish that sewage water connections would reach each and every home in our village, as I greatly suffered from having the old drainage trench inside my house. I feel for all the people who are suffering of kidney failure and other diseases because of pollution that is linked to this old and unsafe sewage system. There were times where I needed to put bricks on my house floor to be able to walk around or under my bed so sewage water would not reach it. Thanks to AFNCI and all of its partners for saving us from pollution.

Haj Badawi, the sheikh of Nagea Alkhatib, Akhmim, Suhag:

While working on the installations in the Nagea, we met haj Badawi who invited us to enter his house to be acquainted with his ordeal. “We have many homes that are built with clay with in-house sewage trenches”, he shared with us. “Imagine what would happen to these houses every time they are flooded with sewage water! People feared that their house would fall while they were sleeping, in addition to the spread of insects and diseases”, he added.

It is noteworthy that work is proceeding with highest speed, in cooperation with the drinking and sewage water Company, to finish the installations as soon as possible, to preserve our people’s health in Upper Egypt. Chatting with Eng. Abu Deif Mohammed, head of the projects sector of the Company in Suhag, he thanked the Association for its support to Suhag’s villages. He revealed that, this project would protect generations from many problems caused by in-house sewage water trenches. In addition to the bad smell, insects and overflow inside and outside the houses, it is the cause of lots of diseases to us and to our children, he added.

Your support helped us install sewage water connections in Nagea Alkhatib, Akhmim, Suhag, which will be completed in two weeks with god’s will, while work is proceeding in Qalfaw village.

This initiative reflects the strong relationship between state entities and civil society organizations. It shows the importance of the role of civil society role in national development projects, a role that no government can afford to ignore.

Your support will help us to offer a decent life to our people in the neediest villages.

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