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Thanks to Donors’ support to the Association of Friends of the National Cancer-free Initiative, AFNCI: Establishing a complete sewage water network serving 1800 houses in Alkula village, Suhag

May 28, 2018 latest news

AFNCI is currently completing the setting-up of sewage water connections in Qalfaw and Nagea Alkhatib villages in Suhag, and launched the installation of another network in Alkula village in the same governorate. The new network will serve 1800 houses. This is added to the work already initiated  in the Green Island Village to establish a treatment station and sewage connections that will cost 400 million Egyptian pounds. The Green Island project is being implemented by the National Service’ Projects Authority, while work is being carried on in other governorates aiming to eliminate the cancer of poverty, ignorance and disease.

These efforts fall within the Association’s mission to advance Egypt through the establishment and support of strategic initiatives and sustainability projects to improve levels of cancer cure and comprehensive health care. Through  the sewage water network project, AFNCI pursues to take a proactive step towards prevention: protecting villagers from diseases and offering them a decent life through the elimination of sources of pollution.

The Association is working in collaboration with the State institutions to finish the projects as soon as possible. This project reflects the strong relationship between state entities and civil society organizations. It shows the importance of the role of civil society in national development projects, a role that no government can afford to ignore.