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Thanks to AFNCI’s efforts, the dream is coming true: In cooperation with State institutions, handing in the locations of the main treatment station of the sanitary sewage network and the elevation stations in the Green Island, Abu Khashaba and Meghaizal Tower villages

March 28, 2018 latest news

A year ago, in his TV program, the broadcaster Amr Adib diffused the hardships  of the Green Island villagers because of pollution and lack of sewage water network and stations. Hence, efforts were exerted to help our people in the village. Thanks to your support and in cooperation with the Ministries of Irrigation and Environment, the governor, parliament members and concerned state institutions, AFNCI could start realizing the dream. Clean drinking water will be available for the villagers and diseases resulting from pollution will be eliminated.

Today, the location of the main treatment station and those of the elevation stations were handed in to the implementation entities, to start the project immediately, God willing.

The efforts exerted in this project are part of AFNCI’s commitment to its mission of establishing projects that contribute to protecting Egyptians’ health, as a proactive step to prevent diseases, and eliminate pollution sources.

This project reflects the strong relationship between state entities and civil society organizations. It shows the importance of the role of civil society  in national development projects, a role that no government can afford to ignore.