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Signing a Cooperation protocol between AFNCI, Alyoum Alsabea Newspaper and Hospital 57357

April 1, 2018 latest news

The protocol was signed by Eng. Lotfy Elbadrawy, President of AFNCI’s board, the Executive Director of 57357 group and Mr. Khaled Salah, Chairman and Chief Editor of Alyoum Alsabea. The protocol covers  the areas of health awareness, Informatics , sanitary sewage and research in collaboration with Zewail City of Science and Technology. The protocol will also cover and promote an awareness campaign about the importance of vitamin D, and its deficiency symptoms.

In a speech by Dr. Elbadrawy, he highlights the complementary roles of AFNCI and Hospital 57357 in  working towards a cancer-free childhood; while the Hospital is providing quality care and cure to  children with cancer, AFNCI is engaging in raising awareness about the disease, and its prevention. In this context, AFNCI is implementing  projects to provide clean drinking and irrigation water, and sewage networks in the neediest villages in cooperation with state institutions. In collaboration with the ministry of Housing, the Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces, and members of parliament AFNCI could complete the development of sewage systems in 28 of Egypt’s villages. “We can not forget the role played by the broadcaster Amr Adib when he presented the Green Island village in his program as the one most suffering  pollution and from experiencing massive illegal immigration of youth due to the village’s bad conditions”, recalls Dr. Elbadrawy. “Hence, in cooperation with state institutions, AFNCI lead a campaign to provide awareness to the villages, to set-up a garbage collection system and a recycling factory, and to establish drinking water treatment station and sewage water treatment unit that would serve 6 villages.

Hospital 57357’s General Manager pledged the Hospital’s commitment to its social responsibility  by spreading cancer awareness for cancer causes and working towards a cancer-free childhood in collaboration with AFNCI, the Egyptian Cancer Network, ECN in USA and Canada, and the state institutions.

In his speech, Mr. Salah affirms that the media should have a vision and commitment towards the society. He expressed his delight for signing a protocol that pursues Egypt’s prosperity. “What I have learned today about AFNCI’s role towards the society reminds me of Prophet Mohammed and his friends when they digged a ditch to protect Almadina.  Today, through this cooperation, we are digging a ditch to protect our home land, not only from diseases but from poverty and ignorance as well” added Mr. Salah.

For Egypt and its sons, we all need to collaborate and work hand in hand to protect our children and build a brighter future for them.