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Ramadan brings along blessings and more achievements by the Association of Friends of the National Cancer-free Initiative, AFNCI

June 9, 2019 latest news

With your support we work hard to improve care provided to cancer patients and offer many services that contribute to protecting the health of Egyptians

On the occasion of the start of the Holy month,AFNCI’s board of directors wishes all its charitable partners  happiness and blessings. Since last Ramadan, thanks to your support AFNCI was able to score important achievements aiming to improve care provided to cancer patients and to contribute to the protection of the health of Egyptians. As such, it engaged in fighting pollution sources and in offering a decent living to our people in the country’s’ neediest villages in addition to supporting its biggest project, Hospital 57357.

In continuity of its efforts to offer quality services to cancer patients, AFNCI is working to upgrade the National Cancer Institute, NCI’s  outpatients clinics   which it had established in 2014. In the clinics that serve 1600 patients daily, AFNCI is renewing lightning, chairs and promoting the building’s efficiency to be able to serve patients competently. It is noteworthy that AFNCI is maintaining  its free transportation services to and from the one day surgery hospital in Altagmoe Al Awal.

In cooperation with Hospital 57357 and to make use of its experience in clinical pharmacy, the Association completed the setting-up of clinical pharmacy in Ismailia Tumor Hospital and Ahmed Maher Hospital. Clinical pharmacy is an integrated process in support of the administration of care  and depends on the pharmacist’s  valuable contribution and  experience in the supervision of medication tenders, the shipping and storing of medications up to its preparation for patients, specifying the suitable dose for each patient and modifying it if required. The purpose of all of this is to guaranty giving patients the right medication with accurate doses aiming to achieve best results and avoid side effects as well as rationalizing medications consumption and accordingly reducing costs and efforts of the medical team.

To protect the health of Egyptians and our people in the neediest villages, AFNCI gives much attention to projects that fight pollution sources. In this context the Association established drinking water treatment station in Abu Diab village to serve 50,000 citizens for a cost of 20 million pounds.

In Suhag governorate it is expected to finish the establishment of a complete sewage network in 2020. The network will serve Alkola village, three hamlets and a part of Al-Ahaywa village with a total of 25,000 citizens. The Association has also established home sewage connections in 8 villages in the governorates of Suhag and Elmenia. In Kafr Elsheikh AFNCI shared in the establishment of a complete sewage network to serve four villages, Grean Island, Abu Khashaba, Meghaizal Tower and Alsokan.

AFNCI’s blood donors affairs department  organizes and implements blood donation campaigns throughout the year in favor of cancer patients in public hospitals and cancer institutes , aiming to offer patients free safe blood. In cooperation with Hospital 57357 the Association conducts awareness campaigns  about the importance of vitamin D  and offers the test for affordable prices.

Your support and donations enabled us to offer the services we provide to cancer patients, and to accomplish projects to secure clean drinking water and sewage systems to protect villagers’ health. In joining our efforts, many patients will find medication and quality care and ultimately realize their recovery dreams. Many villages in Egypt’s governorates will be offered clean drinking and irrigation water and a decent life without pollution. Your support will help us offer many services that contribute to the protection of the wellbeing of Egyptians and eliminate the cancer of poverty, ignorance and health.

During Ramadan charity channels are multiplied, every day share with a sadaka that will bring forth many blessings for you and your family