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In line with its cooperation with AFNCI on social responsibility commitment, Domty Co. sponsors the installation of sewage water connections in in Elmenya’s Sengreg village

September 26, 2018 latest news

To continue its sustainable support for AFNCI, and believing in the Association’s purposes and message, Domty Company announced its sponsorship of the cost of installing sewage water connections to the houses of Sengreg village in Mallawi center, Elmenya governorate.

It is noteworthy that Domty Company is one of the biggest supporters of AFNCI’s projects and initiatives that aim to contribute to protecting Egyptians’ health, fighting pollution sources and offering a decent life to our people in the neediest villages.

Our gratitude to Domty, our charity partner: with your support we will be able to pursue the charity journey, with the hope of attracting more charity partners like Domty Company

Our mission: To advance Egypt and 57357 Group, we establish and support strategic initiatives and sustainability projects to raise the levels of cancer cure, comprehensive health care, education, and institutional philanthropy