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Cooperation protocol between the Association of Friends of the National Cancer-free Initiative, AFNCI, Alsharbani Association and the National Cancer Institute, NCI, to offer free chemotherapy and dialysis sessions

July 17, 2019 latest news

Within the framework of AFNCI’s pursuit to enhance healthcare in Egypt and promote institutional philanthropy, a tripartite cooperation protocol was signed between AFNCI, Ali Alsharbani Association and NCI. The protocol was signed in the attendance of Prof Dr, Hatem Abu Alkasem, dean of NCI, Dr. Hassan Alsharbani, executive director and treasurer of the association, Mr. Sami Labib, AFNCI’s executive director. The agreement aims to offer more services to the NCI’s patients such as providing free dialysis in Alsharbani Association dialysis center and free transportation to and from the NCI.  The protocol also included offering some chemotherapy doses for the NCI’s patients in cooperation with AFNCI.

This new agreement is complementary to the cooperation that AFNCI started with Alsharbani Association last month which stipulated the transfer of AFNCI’s experiences in the fields of charity work and fundraising in support of Alsharbani Association whose role is to help patients who need urgent dialysis while waiting for the government subsidy in addition to providing chemotherapy for cancer patients.

It is noteworthy that AFNCI supports NCI as part of its main mission. Over more than 20 years AFNCI have been offering services to NCI by providing for a part of its needs of medications besides overseeing and covering the maintenance cost of the out-patient clinics that it had previously established and equipped. Moreover AFNCI offers transportation to NCI’s patients to and from Altagamo Al-Awal branch as well as offering any needs that would contribute to providing better care to patients.