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Cooperation protocol between the Association of Friends of the National Cancer-free Initiative, AFNCI, 57357 and FLO

June 13, 2018 latest news

In attendance of Major General Mahmoud Dawood, Chairman of the Egyptian Saudi company for water and food products, FLO, a cooperation protocol was signed joining the Saudi company, the management of 57357 and AFNCI. The protocol stipulates cooperation in many fields including research, the development of food products with added nutrients and supplements  as well as establishing drinking water treatment stations in Egypt’s governorates in cooperation with AFNCI

Our goal is to serve the society, providing for clean environment and drinking water as well as clean water for irrigation. While doing this, the association pursue its efforts to fight pollution sources to eliminate the cancer of poverty, ignorance and sickness and offer a decent life to our people in Egypt’s villages.

This initiative highlights the importance of the role of civil society in national development projects, a role that no government can afford to ignore.