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Cooperation protocol between Electrolux Egypt and AFNCI, to share in setting up clinical pharmacies in Egypt’s governorates

September 26, 2018 latest news

To sustain its support for the projects adopted by AFNCI, and for its endorsement  of the Association’s projects that target environmental and health services especially in rural and most needy areas, Electrolux Egypt signed a cooperation protocol  to share in setting up 15 clinical pharmacy in Egypt’s governorates and equip them with required air-conditions, heaters and fridges. The protocol was signed in the attendance of Dr. Hatem Mustafa, representative of Electrolux and Mr. Sami Labib, AFNCI’s Executive Manager.

It is noteworthy that this cooperation is part of the sustainable cooperation between Electrolux and AFNCI, whereby Electrolux had already provided electronic equipment to the National Cancer Institute, NCI. The company is also committed to providing maintenance along with the equipment it manufactures. Furthermore, the company is hosting blood donation campaigns four times a year in all of its branches  to provide safe blood to cancer patients.

Our gratitude to Electrolux for its sustainable support and for believing in the Association’s mission of improving health services provided to our people in all of Egypt’s governorates.