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Blood donation campaigns by Marriott international hotels in cooperation with the Association of Friends of the National Cancer-free Initiative, AFNCI, in favor of children with cancer

June 24, 2019 latest news

AFNCI is grateful to Marriott international hotels group for their cooperation and for organizing blood donation campaigns in their hotels in Altagamo Alkhames, namely Renaissance, JW Marriott and Cairo Mirage City. The campaigns that were organized within Marriott’s Associate appreciation week are in favor of Hospital 57357’s children with cancer.

The involvement of Marriott hotels in blood donation campaigns started with the inception of AFNCI, resulting in 18 years of fruitful cooperation aiming to offer free safe blood to cancer patients.

It is  noteworthy that AFNCI is committed to the provision of free safe blood for cancer patients. Hence, AFNCI’s  blood donors’ affairs department pursues to spreading the culture of donating blood through orientation lectures held during the campaigns. Through these lectures AFNCI provides answers to questions about blood donation and valuable information about its benefits and the importance of saving lives.

Besides organizing blood donation campaigns, AFNCI is pursuing to improve the blood donation services in hospitals and medical centers working in the field of cancer, pediatrics, and health.

Thank you Marriott Hotels group for contributing to saving the lives of cancer patients.