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The 44 out-patient clinics sponsored by AFNCI and its affiliates 57357 Foundation and Egypt Cancer Network, U.S.

May 15, 2014

Three years ago, realizing that one of the two towers of NCI’s complex needed structural reinforcement, the NCI administration displaced some of the services offered at this tower to the other one, as a safety measure for patients and visitors. As a result, the fully functioning tower became congested and over-crowded. Also, some of NCI’s patients were forced to travel to another location in EL Tagamoa EL Awal. With the needs of cancer patients more urgent than ever at the NCI, association of friends of the national cancer free initiative (AFNCI), NCI’s main supporting NGO, was prompt to sponsor the construction of a 44 outpatient clinic facility which would be built over the parking garage.

With the construction of these clinics, more space is liberated inside the main tower for lengthier and more complex Day care services such as chemo-therapy administration. The ultra modern one story light structure features spacious waiting areas for the clinics that are housed there: internal medicine, dentistry, radiotherapy follow-up, pediatric oncology, and surgical oncology. The facility has 2 dispensing pharmacies, 2 blood draw rooms, and an administrative area. The building interior is made of durable materials to withstand over 1500 patients who will be using it on a daily basis and has comfortable examining rooms with the latest equipment. The facility is also wired for information technology systems so that physicians and support staff will be able to accurately capture all the appropriate data for their patients. The total cost of the facility is estimated at L.E 30 millions. Thanks to donors’ in-kind and monetary generosity, and AFNCI, 57357 Foundation, and U.S. based Egypt Cancer Network’s fundraising efforts through the Naming Opportunity Program, the clinics were completed and handed-over to the NCI on May, 10, 2014..It is noteworthy that EHAF, a prominent engineering consulting firm with 40 years experience in the Middle East, has donated the entire design cost of the facility (interior and exterior).  EHAF is a full service architecture, engineering, construction and program management firm with 800 employees and is listed as one of the top 20 firms in the world www.ehaf.com<http://www.ehaf.com/>, Modern Interiors, www.moderninteriors.com.eg/‎ carried out the construction. Modern Interiors is a market leader in the field of interior design and construction. Founded in 1983 by Ashraf A. Sadek, the company acquired vast professional experience through its participation in major interior construction projects in Egypt since its inception “We benefited from our experience at 57357 and in some aspects improved upon it” said Engineer Zaid Al- baroodi, who was responsible of overseeing the implementation of the complex on behalf of AFNCI. Al Baroodi has already been involved with several renovation projects at the NCI


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