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AFNCI’s well equipped Library: Enables entertainment and enhancement of Patient’s psychological well being.

May 15, 2014

Lifting up the spirits of cancer patients is instrumental for speeding up recovery.

Ever since its inception and all along the years, AFNCI’s volunteers and staff have come up with initiatives destined to brighten up the daily lives of cancer patients. As such, the library on wheels was one smart idea of bringing books, entertaining material, and toys into the rooms of patients who could not move from bed on two movable tables with wheels. The library was back then located in a small room on the fourth floor of the structurally weak NCI tower. Later, in 2010, all services of this building were relocated as it needed structural reinforcement. It is then and precisely during Ramadan of this year, that AFNCI proposed to NCI administration to make use of an abandoned space on top of NCI’s functioning Tower and turn into a library and entertainment area for the patients. Volunteers supported and pushed forward the implementation of the project. Energetically, they contributed to its cleaning, refurbishing, providing it with a roof top and equipping it with air conditions, books, and computers.  They turned into an oasis of distraction, specially for outpatients and their families during their long waiting hours . Also, this is the area where birthdays and entertaining events are held.

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