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February 1, 2014

The Association of Friends of the National Cancer-free initiative (AFNCI) of Egypt registered in 1998 has gained national and international recognition as an NGO committed to improving the quality of life for cancer patients. The AFNCI had been informally operating since 1995 and since that time has provided the National Cancer Institute (NCI) with equipment and programs exceeding 150 million LE. The National Cancer Institute Board of Directors and Administration are committed to both facility and program improvement but lack the necessary funds and expertise and so have been pleased to cooperate with the AFNCI to achieve their aims for better patient care and facilities. The AFNCI has been responsible for implementing several projects within the National Cancer Institute. The development of the pediatric unit, the first clinical pharmacy in Egypt, the pediatric outpatient’s clinic, physiotherapy department, virology, microbiology, cytogenetics laboratories, the guest house, the upgrading of the blood bank program and the blood and platelet donor program are all areas in which the AFNCI has supported the NCI. The AFNCI currently is completing the NCI outpatients building which it completely funded from design to equipping.  The facility should start operation by May, 2014.

The Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357 was the largest project that the AFNCI developed. From feasibility to design to construction and equipping it raised the money needed and facilitated the project before handing it over to the Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357 Foundation.It still continues to help the CCHE today in special projects and is proud to have achieved this noble mission which has helped our children with cancer to have improved cure rates and to have CCHE regarded as a leading center for children’s cancer care.

The AFNCI is also committed to health education and cancer prevention for the people of Egypt and has launched in cooperation with the Children’s Cancer Hospital Foundation and Egypt Cancer Network USA, a countrywide health and  cancer awareness project.. Several cartoon ads have been created and aired since 2012 about food hygiene,handwashing , smoking and cancer. There is also a health education program, focusing on cancer prevention and a healthy lifestyle for school age children as well as promoting the benefits of charitable acts for their countrymen.

AFNCI is now embarking on a major project to develop a guest house for CCHE patients and a palliative care home for our terminally ill patients. AFNCI is leading the way in supporting the needs of all cancer patients!