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February 1, 2014

We are pleased to announce that the AFNCI Board of Directors has undertaken a major restructuring to meet AFNCI ‘s increase in scope of services and activities for the Egyptian cancer patient and the CCHF 57357 and the National Cancer Institute of Egypt. The board is a group of highly committed diverse eminent professionals representing medicine, education, finance, marketing, and business. We are grateful for all the past boards who served with passion, vision and dedication for the benefit of AFNCI and its activities and look forward to the same level of collaboration with the new board in AFNCI’s continuing journey to improve the lives of Egyptian cancer patients.


AFNCI Board Members at Large

Mr. Mahmoud El Tohamy
Executive Director, CCHF 57357

Dr. Manal Zamzam
Associate Professor Pediatric Oncology, National Cancer Institute, Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357

Dr. Sherif Abouel Naga
Board Member, Professor Pediatric oncology, National Cancer Institute, Cairo University, CEO of 57357 Group, General Manager of Hospital 57357

Mr. Lotfy El Badrawy
Board Member, VP of the board of Directors of KAPCI for paints

Dr. Emad Ebeid
Board Member, Board Member Professor Pediatric Oncology, National Cancer Institute

Dr Wael Eweida
Board Member, 57357’s Chief Operating Officer

Mr.Ahmed Shawki Zaki
Board Member, Assistant Minister of Justice

Mr. Tarek Eissa
Board Member, Board President of Matra Co. for computers

Mr. Ahmed El Fendi
Board Member, Board President of Sima Co. for Food Products

Mr. Hossam Amin Fahmi
Board Member, CEO of Chang Co. for Financial Investments

Dr Iman Sidhom
professor Pediatric Oncology, National Cancer Institute, Cairo University

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