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A pilot initiative that reflects the collaborative efforts of the government and civil society to offer a decent life to our people in southern Egypt

August 3, 2017 latest news

Cooperation protocol between the Association of Friends of the National Cancer-free Initiative, AFNCI, Bani Swaif and Qena governorates and the drinking and sanitary drainage water company to extend drinking and sewage water lines to the two governorates’ villages

AFNCI is undertaking an active role in cancer prevention through combatting all potential causes of cancer namely water pollution, in support of our people in Upper Egypt villages. The protocol was signed with the drinking and sanitary drainage water company in attendance of Qena governor, Mr. Abdel Hamid Alhamam and Bani Swaif governor, Eng. Sherif Habib.

“As government representatives we work hard with civil society organizations to support our citizens and provide them with basic needs services” said the former minister and governor of Qena, while expressing his appreciation for the multi-sector collaborative nature of the initiative.

“I like to thank AFNCI for this cooperation; this national initiative will have great effect on the citizens’ health. It is a typical example for a successful collaboration of state institutions and civil society organizations for the benefit of protecting the health of citizens in Upper Egypt governorates, since prevention is better than cure” revealed the former minister and governor of Bani Swaif. In his speech, the governor stressed on AFNCI’s multiple contributions in favor of the governorate’s citizens represented in the awareness and virus C screening campaigns and the distribution of school bags with awareness material to the neediest school students.

Eng. Lotfi Albadrawi, the Chairman of AFNCI, expressed his gladness with this collaboration and said: this initiative lies within the framework of the broadened mission of the Association that is no longer limited to supporting cancer patients and Hospital 57357, but extended to prevent potential causes of the disease. We are ushering in a new era for the cooperation between civil society and the state institutions, and we wish to see similar forms of cooperation materializing in the future, added AFNCI’s Chairman.

The cooperation protocol stipulates the installing of sanitary sewage water connections and establishing a water treatment unit to be used for irrigation in the two governorates’ villages. These projects will enable a decent living environment for the villagers, eliminate pollution sources and accordingly prevent the spreading of diseases. This initiative is part of AFNCI’s mega project to connect sewage facilities to houses in 94 of the neediest villages. The Association has completed the installation of the connections in 28 villages through collaborative efforts with governmental institutions. This cooperation represents a pilot initiative that stresses the importance of civil society role in developing the community.

Your support will help us carry on in our charitable project, to offer decent living conditions to our people in the neediest villages.