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A patient’s mother pays tribute to AFNCI’s support inside the National Cancer Institute

June 19, 2017 latest news

Mohamed’s mother: “The employees of the Association of Friends of the National Cancer-free initiative, AFNCI, met me at the entrance of the National Cancer Institute, took the documents and finished the admission process for us in the same day”.

Mohammed Hani Mohammed, 12 years, suffers from Leukemia. He was unable to move normally and was first diagnosed with Rheumatism, another doctor diagnosed him with fever and he was admitted to Abu Alreesh hospital for 7 days during which tests that were made detected leukemia.

Mohammed’s mother shares that her son was admitted to the National Cancer Institute, NCI, to receive chemotherapy on 25/10/2015. “Back then, AFNCI’s employees stood by us every step of the way: they took charge of completing all the admission procedures and offered us many services. Whenever I inquired about Mohammed’s condition, they explained everything, alleviated my stress and gave me hope in Mohammed’s recovery”, she recalls.

“During this period, the Association’s staff who was working in the library on the fifth floor of the NCI engaged in helping Mohammed to take his first steps until he started gradually to walk.  They generously offered their help and rendered many services. Thank God, Mohammed is starting to walk, and is responding well to the treatment. He completed his treatment and has started the follow- up phase three months ago”, Mohammed’s mother added.

At the end of our chat, Mohammed’s mother said: “I hope that the association will keep helping the institute’s patients and will oversee the up-keeping of the out-patient clinics. I am asking everyone to pray for all the patients and to support them in whichever way they can”

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