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Naming Opportunity

May 6, 2014

The concept of honoring important people by naming a street, square, park, building, etc. after them is an age old and popular way of paying tribute. The Naming Opportunity program is a modification of this custom. It offers either medical equipment, clinics, rooms or units at the National Cancer Institute’s Outpatient clinics to be named after an organization, company or individual for a specified value according to the area or equipment selected. This value is based upon the relative cost of the building and its operating needs, and upon the location advantage of the area. Donors are invited to choose among available areas, rooms or equipment the value of which is matching the amount they are willing to donate. The procedure is simple and the reward great.

A contract will be signed after choosing and paying a down payment with the remainder to be paid in installments over a specified time period not longer than 2 years. Plaques are placed close to the chosen area or equipment location with the specified wording the donor wishes. The plaque is a long-term acknowledgement of the donor’s generosity.

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