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Fawry Donation

December 13, 2015

To donate through the “FAWRY” system( easy and safe)

In cooperation with Fawry Co., you are able to benefit from their payment channel services. Visit their website www.fawry.com and receive all the information related to the location of their payment booths while making sure to receive from them a written receipt indicating the Hospital name and the donation amount.

Fawry system booths are found inside:

  1. Pharmacies
  2. Bookshops
  3. Retail shops and Supermarkets.
  4. Post offices.

How to donate through the Fawry Booth:

  1. At the booth inform the collection officer of your intention to donate to AFNCI.
  2. Specify the donation program( naming opportunity, sponsor a sick child, monthly payment, Zakat , general …) to which you are allocating your contribution and the amount.
  3. Your mobile number is inserted on the Fawry machine.
  4. You will then receive a confirmation receipt with an operation code.
  5. To make sure your donation has been received contact the ِAFNCI on the following numbers: 19663, seventy two hours after the time of the donation.

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