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Children's Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357
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Association of Friends of the National Cancer-free initiative
Video Library

You are invited to visit our video Library to watch live all videos related to AFNCI activities and events

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Know more about our volunteers department , click here to join our volunteers Team and share in alleviating the suffering of our cancer patients and their families.

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Blood Bank

The AFNCI Blood Donor Program is a true model of multi-sector cooperation to improve the lives of vulnerable cancer patients who require blood products as supportive care for their disease.

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Home without cancer official website for Health Awareness of Children's Cancer Hospital Foundation Egypt 57357 and AFNCI and Egypt cancer network . The site providing health awareness for cancer and medical consultation services. The site also gives guidelines for the prevention and protection from cancer as well as early detection of disease.

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Ramadan brings along blessings and more achievements by the Association of Friends of the National Cancer-free Initiative, AFNCI

With your support we work hard to improve care provided to cancer patients and offer many services that contribute to protecting the health of Egyptians On the occasion of the start of the Holy month,AFNCI’s board of directors wishes all its charitable partners  happiness and blessings. Since last Ramadan, thanks to your support AFNCI was […]


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